New York City

The NYC-themed travel playlist you've been looking for.

The New York Travel Playlist You’ve Been Looking For

New York has it all: the iconic skyline above, with a sprawl of famous bridges, parks and packed streets below. The Big Apple, as people call it, symbolizes freedom and cultural diversity.

NYC is the most densely populated city in the States, with 10,000 people per km².

Find that hard to picture? It’s roughly 54 people living in an area the size of a football pitch. More than 60 million people visit the city every year to have a peek at its famous landmarks! The Times Square, Statue of Liberty, downtown Manhattan and Central Park are all dream destinations for an international traveller.

What hides in the musical heart of NYC, you might wonder?
A mix of authentic jazz, rock and blues venues coexists here with a vibrant classical and art music scene. The city is a melting pot of different culture and so became the birthplace for many modern styles – from bebop and salsa to disco, punk rock, hip-hop, freestyle and new wave.

This is not surprising – New York City has been a cornerstone in the US musical industry for ages. We’ve all heard of New York’s Broadway Theater, but what about the Tin Pan Alley music from the turn of the century?

Back then, most middle-class families didn’t have a phonograph or radio. Instead, it was popular to have a piano at home, and have someone play it, so they bought a lot of sheet music. Publishers and songwriters rushed to satisfy that demand, and so the Tin Pan Alley community formed in New York, around Union Square. Jazz, blues and ragtime, composers were crafting popular songs day in and day out in that part of New York.

Apparently, all these people going at it on pianos 9-5 every day sounded like banging on tin pans, and that’s where the name came from!